Olympic lifting club in the DMV


Rose Gold Athletics is a USAW team, competing in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. We provide in person coaching in the DMV area and remote coaching for athletes who wish to compete in Olympic Lifting both locally and nationally. 

Our coaching philosophy centers on unlocking athletes' full potential through personalized, holistic, and compassionate training. We value quality movement and overall strength development over mere numbers on the barbell. Our vision extends beyond the gym, aiming to support athletes through all seasons of life and build an inclusive community that celebrates diversity and integrity. We also specialize in assisting athletes recovering from injury, helping them regain strength and confidence. In essence, we elevate individuals and strive for greatness together, both on and off the platform.

Team Training

Every Saturday at 11am in Hyattsville, athletes come together to workout and receive hands-on coaching and instant feedback from Coach Amanda and other assistants. It is highly recommended that beginner athletes join us for these sessions. Contact us to learn more.

1-on-1 Coaching

Athletes will receive one on one training with customized programming based on their goals. We will emphasize a good foundation (knowledge of breathing, bracing and stability) before moving on to advanced and complex lifts. Contact us to learn more.

Remote Coaching

Athletes will receive individualized programming and will submit videos as often as possible to receive analysis and feedback. Contact us to learn more.

Return to sport

We believe that all athletes should be treated as such regardless of their current circumstances. Training after an injury or surgery can be daunting and can cause many to lose hope.

We provide adjusted programming to athletes in order to keep them in the gym and training within their means until they are able to resume their normal training regiment.

We also work with non-competitive demographics in order to bridge the gap between being released from physical therapy and returning to a normal life in general. We will work alongside your physical therapists, doctors, etc in order to bring you back to achieving your goals.

“Coach Amanda is a favorite at CrossFit Hyattsville. Her passion for Olympic Lifting is evident and contagious. The wisdom and knowledge Coach brings gets results and lifts ranging from someone just walking into the gym for the first time to the most seasoned of athletes. Coach Amanda is simply the best.”
CrossFit Hyattsville Owner
“I have been a senior athlete with Amanda for 3+ years. She has seen me through several highs and lows as a weightlifter (and young adult). In particular, she has helped me through rehabbing old and new injuries to get to a point of fitness I didn't think physically possible for myself. Amanda always knew how to make adjustments to exercises so that I continued to build strength and didn't feel overly limited while training through injury. I am so grateful for all of the time and energy she puts into supporting me in and out of the gym, and pushing me to be the best athlete I can be.”
Olympic Lifting Athlete
“I started working with Amanda a little more than a year ago and it has been a game-changer. Amanda brings a deep knowledge and understanding of the needs of her athletes. She is patient, extremely thoughtful about how she approaches programming and passionate about helping you achieve your goals. I am not someone who spends much time in a weight room, but each week working with Amanda, I find myself growing stronger and my mobility improving. Working with Amanda has been one of the best decisions I have made.”
1-on-1 Weightlifting Athlete
"Coach Amanda's Oly clinic was fantastic. The programming was individually tailored and challenging yet doable. Coach Amanda's feedback was both technically precise and positive and encouraging. I improved my lifts more in the last three months than in the prior five years of Crossfit programming."
12-Week Clinic Participant
"After combining Amanda’s twice a week program with Crossfit for a few months, I decided to commit to a five-day program for a summer and completely step outside of CrossFit. I was so glad I did! I’ve gotten so much stronger, and in just a couple of months my lifts already feel and look a lot smoother and stable than they used to. I’m really pleased with the amount of progress I have made by training five days a week, and can’t wait for the next competitions!”
Olympic Lifting Athlete

Clinics & Events

Rose Gold Athletics offers weekend or seasonal clinics to athletes and coaches of other gyms. All levels are always welcome and there are absolutely no prerequisites required.

We will assess mobility and stability before diving into broader and more complex concepts. Participants will be assigned individualized attention and programming for the day.

You can expect to receive drills and complexes that will address areas of improvement. You will also receive technique work to use outside of the clinic in order to continue to progress long after.